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SRS Poseidon

DOB: March 2015

Sire: SD Touchdown

Dam: Queen of the Gypsies

Color: Ee Rr - Blue Roan

Registration: GVHS, TGCA

Poseidon arrived at Gypsy Dreams in 2015 at 2 months old with his dam, Queen of the Gypsies (daughter of the Rodsweeper UK). We selected Poseidon at just 4 days old and we are so grateful for the opportunity have him as part of our family. We grew together from almost the very start of our program, he truly has been the best boy anyone could ask for. Not only does he make incredible babies with the BEST temperaments, time and time again, he has also given us his legacy with GD Olympus, GD Lily's Legacy and GD Nautalis. 

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