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Detanglers to nourish the mane and coat of your horses

So that grooming the hair and coat of your horses is a pleasure for your companion. Over time, you will notice a marked improvement in the quality, strength of the hair and the coat. The gentle and nourishing formula of our products is suitable for all skin types.

You can work on stiff and thick hair, untangle it and make it more flexible.

5-IN-1 Detangling Spray

Galloping Goop De-Tangling 5 N' 1 Spray is a leave-in conditioner to spray on your horse's coat or other farm animal. It is very effective for working on thick, coarse coats and horsehair that are matted or knotted. Its gentle formula makes it ideal for all skin types.

Five benefits for your pet's skin and coat:

1. Strengthens coat and skin health

2. Protects and nourishes in depth

3. Reduces breakage thanks to its moisturizing active ingredients

4. Adds shine and luster from root to tip

5. Allows a pleasant grooming and easy disentangling

equiFUSE Gleam Shine Serum

Gleam® is an ultra rich serum formulated to provide superior long-lasting shine while rejuvenating the hair root deep. This multitasking serum blasts through brittle and tangled tresses to result in soft, manageable and healthy manes and tails.

Key Ingredients
-Macadamia nut oil contains fatty acids that help add shine and nourish the hair follicle

-Vitamin E oil alleviates dull and damaged hair and improves manageability

How to Use
Massage serum into wet or dry manes and tails. Comb through as desired.

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