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Our Story

It all began in 2013 on the way home from our wedding venue, the day after. We took a back road home we had rarely taken before, then we spotted these hairy, chunky, draft looking horses. We knew what they were but had never seen a Gypsy Cob / Gypsy Vanner in the flesh, we had to know more. Then the obsession began... spending several months getting to know them, we purchased our first Gypsy mare Lily of Canterbury and we have never looked back. Within a year we had built a herd and moved onto 30 acres giving the horses plenty of space to roam, graze and live their best lives. We pride ourselves on a quality over quantity approach making sure each horse and each foal is family raised with the utmost attention and care. 


Our Ranch: Growing for the Future

We are dedicated to providing quality, traditional bodied Gypsy Cobs in a variety of sizes and colors, there's something for anyone wanting to fulfill their Gypsy Dreams. Temperament is the number one consideration along with a high standard of quality, conformation and consistency in what is being produced. We understand you may be looking for your dream horse and you've only got one chance to get exactly what you want.... why settle, you can find nothing but the best, just like you always dreamed of, and we can help. Our goal is to make Gypsy Dreams come true by creating soulmates and heart horses for a variety of disciplines and abilities. No dream is too big, or too small. 


Our Photographer

You may have noticed some of the stunning photos we are able to share. That is all thanks to our good friend Danielle Clark of Danielle C Photography. No matter if the plans change 8 thousand times, or the weather.... Danielle is ready to get behind that lense and share her talent with us! We are so grateful to have her as part of the Gypsy Dreams family. 

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