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Galloping Goop

Galloping Goop products are the best for removing dirt and grease from your horses' coats, while protecting their natural oils. It works at all levels of the body up to the tip of the tail.

Galloping Goop

You will get a clean, supple and healthy coat for your horse. The results are spectacular on spots and yellowing areas. It deeply cleanses the skin, coat, mane, tail and feather. Galloping Goop cleans while maintaining the balance of pH and natural oils in the coat. All the products in the Galloping Goop range are enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E to nourish the coat and skin. They do not dry out the skin, are silicone and chemical free, non toxic and biodegradable with balanced PH for your horses.

Galloping Goop leaves your best friend with a silky, shiny mane and coat, and healthy, hydrated skin.






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